Bowl outline
Bowl outline




Feed the Woodcutter's wife.


+3 for retrieval, +1 for looking at bowl, +2 for saying "fill" (by using bowl on yourself), +3 for giving filled bowl to Woodcutter, -2 for eating stew from bowl after filled.


A bit hard to see, but it is circled in the image to the left.

Wood Cutter and Bowl


The bowl is the item that will save the Woodcutter's wife. After you pick up the bowl, look at it. The word "fill" is engraved on the bottom. This is a magic bowl, so after looking at it, use the bowl on yourself (which apparently makes Graham say "fill" out load). The bowl will magically fill itself with beef stew. When the bowl is full, you can give it to the Woodcutter, who will be very grateful. For your generosity, he will give you his fiddle (conversation shown in image to right).

You can eat the stew yourself, but it isn't any help. You will loss two points for doing so, but by using the bowl on yourself, you will refill the bowl and regain your two lost points.

From sammybobammy


February 12, 2009 at 10:52 PM

Go to item bag, click on eye click on bowl, then click on hand tool, next it will fill, if you put the stew back you will have to redo these steps!