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Who made this site?

This site was created by Andrew Que—a big fan of old Sierra game and particularly Hero's Quest I. After playing though the remakes of King's Quest I and II a few times, Andrew decided to create a graphically detailed walkthrough.

Although the site layout was done by Andrew Que, most of the images on this site game from King's Quest I, and so credit for those images belongs to the AGDI team.


Since the site went live in February of 2003, we've received more than 10,000 visitors and we as of September 2003 receive an average of 75,000 hits a month. As of 2014, this site averages about 5,000 visitors a month.


Many, many thankx to the AGDI teams. Superb job on the remake. And even more props for the dedication to take on a remake like this even though you can't credit yourselves. Lastly, a salute for bringing back hours of being glued to the computer, puzzling though an adventure game—how I had missed that.

I would also like to thank "Erpy" for writing the walkthrough I used as a guide for creating this site. A very detailed and most useful guide, and I fell back to it several times.

And a "thank you" goes out to everyone who has visited this site. It's really nice to see people finding something I've assembled useful :)

What did I make this site with?

The original site was created using Dreamweaver (html editor), Paint Shop Pro (graphics), CodeWright (special html) and King's Quest I (naturally). Previewed in Firefox 1.0.5,Mozilla 1.2, Netscape 4.76 and Internet Explorer 6. Assistance from WinAmp (tunnage), Denny's restaurant (coffee) and the Iron Dragon (the laptop). Hosting for this site is provided by DrQue.net—our in-house server.

After September 19, 2003 we added the comment system and the site was changed to PHP. The only additional software used was MySQL Control Center for setup of the MySQL database behind the comment system.

In April of 2014 the site received a face-lift so it would render better in modern browsers. The text editor UltraEdit was used for this and nothing else.

How was this site assembled?

This site was a ton of work, although all of it quite simple (just took a long time). I started with making maps by capturing frames from King's Quest. I actually used Paint Shop Pro to do this and realized after the fact KQ had a frame grabber (guess it pays to read the manual first ;). Then, I assembled the frames into maps by pasting all the frames together. Once the maps were complete, they were re-sized, spliced into tables and put into HTML. From there, each area on the map became a page and a small write up about the area done.

After the maps were complete, all of the items in the game were cataloged. This process went though a lot of changes until a layout for the item pages was finally satisfactory. Again, each of the items had a small write up on it.

With the items also came some of the special areas-- such as the Woodcutter's house, in which pages were created with a set of images and information about the area.

Lastly (and probably most importantly) were the treasure walkthroughs on how to find each of the three treasures needed to complete the game.

In all, it was a lot of work—several hours a day for a few weeks. The site is currently 127 pages, 265 images and spans 7.5 megs. However, if people find it useful, then it's all worth it. Besides, the work I did on this site is nothing when compared to the work put into the remake of King's Quest.

Gonna make a King's Quest II walkthrough?

Well, it's been more than 10 years since I created this site so probably not. I've thought about it, but that game is about 3 times the size of KQI.

From Andrew Que (http://www.DrQue.net/)

Wisconsin, USA

November 30, 2003 at 11:56 PM

Yes, you can even comment here :)

From zlodij13

March 24, 2014 at 12:00 AM

thanks man this appears very helpful for me

From Paul Goddard (http://adventuregamesite.com)

saint louis

September 17, 2014 at 9:58 PM

Awesome site but your plan to catch the condor didn't work while this one worked the first time.