Note In Witchs House
Note in Witch's House


End table in Witch's house (D5)


Hint to guessing Gnome's name


+1 for retrieval, +2 for reading


In order to get the note, you must first make it into the Witch's Gingerbread house. The note is located on the end table next to the Witch's bed (circled in image to left).


The Witch may come home at anytime while you are in the house. Either move quickly to retrieve the note or wait until she comes home and push her into the cauldron first.


The note is actually a hint at how to guess the Gnome's name. It reads "sometimes it's wise to think backwards". If the Gnome should remind you of the story Rumplestiltskin—a Gnome who also wanted someone to guess his name. But the Gnome on the island is not Rumplestiltskin, although if that is your guess, he will tell you that you are close. Thinking backward, you will come up with Nikstlitselpmur, which indeed is the Gnome's name. The note serves no other purpose but this hint.

Easter egg

If you look at the note several times, there is a chance that one of those times it will read something different :)