News about the site

4/8/2014 - Full cleanup.

The site has been neglected for 8 years and several issues needed to be addressed. Converted site to HTML5/CSS3. While HTML5 and CSS3 are still not formal specifications, the current browsers all support the fetcher set. The site currently renders well and hopefully will continue to do so.

Comment and e-mail system has changed over to an JQuery driven interface. This should work more consistently in all browsers, and not be nearly as messy as the older setup. It should also eliminate some of the SPAM bots. While none of them have ever got passed the Captcha, I get hundreds of hits a day from bots trying. The Javascript-based interface makes it unlikely bots searching for forms to fill out will bother with these pages.

Removed all frames and did a fair bit of style work to format site. Should work much better in modern browsers. The site is over 10 years old, and that is an impressive run. Let us hope for an other 10 years!

8/10/2006 - Mostly XHTML compliant now

Converted the site to XHTML 1.0 translational. Just about everything is compliant, with the clear exception of frames. I couldn't get them to look right without using non-compliant tags. The fact is, I no longer like the idea of using frames at all. However, since this was an update, I didn't want to do anymore overhaul then I had already begun. Some of the pages received some reformatting. I added CSS to make things look nice, and I hope everyone likes it.

7/16/2005 - Some color changes

Did a little overhaul and removed most of the background images. Added a color scheme in it's place, which makes the site a little easier to read.

9/19/2003 - People can now add their own comment to pages

I added the ability to leave feedback on most of the pages of the site. This allows players to share experiences they had with everyone else. To do this, the entire site changes over to PHP (which wasn't much of a task). The PHP script for comments is pretty simple, but I'm happy with it.

2/3/2003 - It's ready!!!

After a good number of hours, the site is ready for the world!

1/13/2003 - So it begins

I decided to create a graphical walk-through for the remake of King's Quest I.