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Welcome to the King's Quest I remake walkthrough!

Sir Graham
Sir Graham

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4/7/2014 - Major cleanup.

8/10/2006 - Mostly XHTML compliant now.

7/16/2005 - Some color changes.

9/19/2003 - People can now add their own comment to pages.

2/3/2003 - It's ready!!!

1/13/2003 - So it begins.

This site will graphically detail just about anything and everything you want to know about playing King's Quest I. Our hope is this site will show you a few things you didn't know and make playing King's Quest that much more enjoyable.

The site is laid out in two major sections: maps of the playing area and a walkthrough explaining how to obtain each of the items in the game. These are all accessible from the table of contents.

King's Quest I remake done by AGDI (originally Tierra)—a game development group who decided to bring back adventure games by rewriting some of the classics. The game holds the story of original King's Quest game made by Sierra Online in the early 90'ies, but with enhanced graphics and sound. The production was done beautifully, and just as in the past, you can quickly get yourself lost in the adventure.

This site has been put together because of the amount of enthusiasm I had from playing the game. After wanting nothing less than to complete the game with a perfect score and experience everything, and doing so I decided to share how to do the same.

There are game walkthroughs already in existence, but this one is designed to be a graphical walkthrough—not just text. This walkthrough is now over 10 years old and has been viewed tens of thousands of times. I hope you too find the answers you are looking for and that this site adds to your enjoyment of King's Quest I!

From tedbear9z

Kansas City, MO

October 18, 2014 at 11:24 PM

I too love this game.  Played as a child and loved it above all other games.  I keep coming back.  Just got a new smoking fast gaming laptop... lol and my husband laughs because I decided to re-download and play King's Quests 1-7.  But I'm so excited!  I don't remember if I've ever actually beat all the games so thank you for the walkthrough.

From Jack


February 01, 2015 at 3:01 AM

Wow! Really liking the MAJOR CLEANUP you guys did back in 2014. Great Work!